Terris, Pravlik & Millian, LLP Will Provide Free Legal Help for Delayed Medicaid Applications or Problems with Medicaid Renewals

If you or a client is waiting more than 45 days for a decision on a District of Columbia Medicaid application or has lost or is threatened with the loss of Medicaid coverage at renewal (also known as recertification), either without notice or after having turned in all required forms, call Terris, Pravlik & Millian, LLP at 202-682-0578 for free legal help or a referral. You may also email us at medicaidhelp@tpmlaw.com.

Terris, Pravlik & Millian, LLP, class counsel for the Salazar v. District of Columbia plaintiff class of Medicaid applicants and beneficiaries, provides free legal help for many problems involving Medicaid applications and renewals.  We provided more information about a July 12, 2016, Order providing relief to Medicaid applicants and beneficiaries here.

The District of Columbia Medicaid agency has forms to be submitted if you wish to submit a claim for relief concerning a Medicaid application or renewal without a lawyer.  Fill out a renewal or application claim form and submit it to dpo.deputy@dc.gov, at any Department of Human Services (DHS) service center* or make a claim by telephone at the Medicaid customer service line: (202) 727-5355.   Keep a record of what you submit.  If you have any problems, please call us for help:  202-682-0578. 

Information for DHS service centers is as follows: 



2100 Martin Luther King Avenue, SE

(202) 645-4614 (phone)

(202) 727-3527 (fax)


Congress Heights

4001 South Capitol Street, SW

(202) 645-4525 (phone)

(202) 645-4524 (fax)


Fort Davis

3851 Alabama Avenue, SE

(202) 645-4500 (phone)

(202) 645-6205 (fax)


H Street

645 H Street, NE

(202) 698-4350 (phone)

(202) 724-8964 (fax)


Taylor Street

1207 Taylor Street, NW

(202) 576-8000 (phone)

(202) 576-8740 (fax)